Crawford County Overdose Prevention Coalition

The coalition is a diverse mix of people from social services, healthcare professions, school administrations, families, and the community, all coming together to fight and make Crawford County free from overdoses and overdose deaths.

As of October 2017, the Crawford County Overdose Prevention Coalition started their Facebook page, implemented a drug prevention curriculum in three districts in the county, and have formed multiple community subgroups.

If you want to get involved or learn more, please contact Jayme Ferry at the Crawford County Drug and Alcohol Executive Commission. You can call her at: (814) 807-0079 or email her at:

The Crawford County Overdose Prevention Coalition subgroups include:

Data Collection & Analysis Subgroup

The Data Collection & Analysis subgroup leads the coalition in its data-driven decision-making approach. This subgroup revolves around the collection and analysis of relevant data within Crawford County about drug use. This could be EMS overdose data, police arrest data, current inpatient and outpatient treatment data, overdose death data, and more.

Healthcare Professionals Subgroup

The Healthcare Professionals subgroup is for all healthcare professionals (physicians, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, etc.) to join and have a dialogue about how they are seeing the current opioid crisis unfold from their lens in the healthcare field and how they can help.

Faith-Based Subgroup

The mission of the Faith-Based subgroup is to educate those in the faith-based community about addiction and ways to help those who have a substance use disorder. The group is known for having periodical events where members of the community can come and learn about addiction, resources, and recovery.

School-Based Subgroup

The School-Based subgroup is devoted to getting more drug-related education curriculum (such as the Too Good For Drugs program) into Crawford County school districts, as well as educating the wider community through their upcoming education seminar series.

First Responders Subgroup

The group brings together EMS, law enforcement, and fire departments to discuss how the opioid crisis is affecting them, and how the Coalition can help. Through this group, the Coalition has learned more about the legality affecting EMS and police responses to overdose calls.

Media & Marketing Subgroup

The mission of this group is to educate the community by promoting the Coalition, providing educational materials, and highlighting Coalition events as well as those related to overdoses and addiction. This subgroup manages the Crawford County Overdose Prevention Coalition’s Facebook page, as well as produces a number of different marketing materials, including event flyers, frequently asked question posters, drug & alcohol crisis cards, and more.

Youth-Based Subgroup

The Youth-Based subgroup focuses solely on youth within Crawford County that are currently in school. The Coalition joins them to assist in education about causes, symptoms, and resources around drug-use, to learn what resources they need from us, and to learn what ideas they have for ways the Coalition can help them.

Fitness Subgroup

The Fitness Subgroup was created because studies have shown regular exercise during drug & alcohol treatment and recovery helped people recover to normal brain chemistry faster. This group’s mission is to provide resources to those currently in treatment or recovery and assist in accessing some form of exercise (be it a class, group of people who want to walk, etc).

Check out this meeting list to track your attendance at mutual aid fellowship meetings!

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