Crawford Clean Slate

Crawford Clean Slate is an outreach of Courageous Conversations, an initiative of Peace4Crawford and the Crawford County System of Care.

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Under Pennsylvania’s Clean Slate law, its possible for many people with legal records to get them sealed (legally removed from public view) or expunged (permanently removed). If you’re ineligible for that law due to more serious offenses, you may be able to get a pardon.

Marijuana Offense PARDONS

If your life is affected by a weed conviction, there’s new hope. FOR THIS MONTH ONLY, the State of Pennsylvania has a special program to pardon some marijuana offenses:

If you have ONLY one or both of two offenses (no other convictions):

  • Possession of Marijuana
    • Title 35 Section 780-113 Subsection A31
  • Marijuana, Small Amount Personal Use
    • Title 35 Section 780-113 Subsection A31
  • The conviction took place in Pennsylvania
  • NO time limit on when it occurred

You apply online at

There’s no fee and you don’t need a lawyer. 

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