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Recovery Service Navigator

Stepping Stones Treatment Program

Meadville Medical Center
1034 Grove Street
Meadville PA 16335

O: (814) 333-3916
C: (814) 813-1308

About John

John Hartnett is a person in long-term recovery from a substance use disorder, residing in Meadville. Pennsylvania. John prefers He/Him pronouns. He enjoys reading, practicing Qi-Gong, snowboarding, and disc golf.

Let’s Talk… Overcome Addiction

John serves Meadville Medical Center as their Recovery Service Navigator.

This position was formed by the Meadville Medical Center Foundation in 2018.

In this role, John helps his health system, community, individuals and family members navigate the complex and overwhelming SUD treatment process, and recovery.

John describes his role as: “helping people however they will let me”. This means that help is defined by the person requesting it. John first tries to get to know the whole person, what’s happened to them, and where they dream to be. Then based on where they have been and where they want to go, John makes suggestions about wise actions they can take to get there, and connects them with the help that resonates with them.

Other Recovery Initiatives

Not One More, Northwest Pennsylvania

John also serves Not One More, Northwest Pennsylvania, a non-profit working in Substance Use Disorder advocacy, harm reduction, and recovery and place-making initiatives in his community.

Not One More is in the process of opening Hayden House, a home for women in recovery. You can learn more at

anonymous anonymous

John launched anonymous anonymous (doublea) in 2020, which is a Trauma-Informed Twelve Step Mutual Help Organization (TSMHO). anonymous anonymous seeks to compile the best recovery practices from the original TSMHO, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), leveraging the wisdom of the twelve steps developed by AA to address any human difficulty.

John became well-versed in the myriad other TSMHO’s that developed from AA, such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Al-Anon, Celebrate Recovery (CR), Overeaters Anonymous (OA), Nicotine Anonymous (NicA), Medication Assisted Recovery Anonymous (MARA), and Sexual Assault Survivors Anonymous (SASA). Each of these programs offer beautiful elegant truths that are useful to everyone, and attendance is encouraged at each of them. The common bond that they share are working and living variations of the twelve steps to move someone from illness to wellness, and the common identification and mutual help with another human being that has experienced and overcome life’s difficulties using the twelve steps.

John created anonymous anonymous to break down the silos between various recovery traditions, so that we can all gather together and grow together, based on our one common bond… our humanity.

Community Initiatives

Crawford County Overdose Prevention Coalition

Crawford Health Improvement Coalition (CHIC)

The Crawford County Health Improvement Coalition (CHIC) is a prevention-focused partnership between community members and organizations dedicated to work together toward improving the health of every Crawford County citizen and neighboring communities. The coalition uses grant funds to assist the community with improving the health of residents in Crawford and counties throughout the northwest Pennsylvania region. Crawford Health Improvement Coalition works towards the national, state, and local public health goals.

CHIC is currently working to drive vaccination and immunization rates in Crawford County. Learn more at

Meadville Neighborhood Center

The mission of Meadville Neighborhood Center (MNC) is engaging the community in the success of our students and neighbors. MNC’s work is informed by our collaborations with local students, organizations, individuals, and businesses. We work with others to prove the power of collective visioning and to strengthen the connections between people and the places we share.

My Meadville

My Meadville is designed to bring our community together by talking about and identifying what matters most to all of us – the heart and soul of the City of Meadville, so to speak.