Recovery Service Navigator

Meadville Medical Center is pleased to announce John Hartnett as the Recovery Service Navigator.

John is a life-long resident of Meadville and an Allegheny College graduate. He became involved in local recovery efforts in 2015, following the deaths of several close friends to opioid overdose. In addition to being the Recovery Service Navigator, John is also President of Not One More Northwest Pa, a non-profit focusing on supporting the addict and their families, connecting them with support groups, treatment options, and life-saving naloxone.

The Recovery Service Navigator position was created through the Let’s Talk campaign to function as a comprehensive resource for anyone seeking information about treatment and support options related to opioid addiction. With no cost and no obligation, the service is available to anyone by calling (814) 333-3916 and visiting

John is available as a resource to anyone who seeks to learn more about the services that are available and how individuals can connect with them. His services are not just for the individual battling addiction, but for family members, loved ones, and friends as well.

If you have questions, Let’s Talk…

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